P Square stole and sampled my song – Ghanaian musician

Young up and coming Ghanaian Musician – C Jay is calling Nigerian super stars – P Square, thieves because he claims his song “Rokoto” was stolen and sampled by the African icons to birth their new banger “Bank alert.”

According to C Jay, he tagged P Square when he posted his song on social media. Days later, he was prompted by one lady that his song had tampered with.

He followed up to download “Bank Alert,” listened and realized that P-Square stole his tune and even went ahead to use some of his lines.

This is what C Jay tells vibesin5.com

Stealing in a professional way, P-Square new tune “bank Alert” is a sample of my tune titled “Rokoto.”

I released Rokoto early this year; the tune went viral on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. I posted the link on P-Square wall on facebook, months later I got a tag from a female music here in Ghana, she updated on Facebook that P square’s new tune (“Bank Alert” sounds like Cjay Rokoto”).

This is where I came in the story, I quickly downloaded their tune to listen and it was very bad that they sampled almost everything in my Rokoto tune. From the bass line, the rhythm, the progression the grove and even took the first line of ma first verse (today na today ooo) from ma tune “Rokoto”.

I respect P square a lot; I learn from them, never thought they could do this to a poor boy like me who has struggled for more than ten years been underground. I wish ma voice will reach as far as it can, so everyone will know I’m disappointed in them.

“Bank Alert” is a nice song, I don’t doubt it, but they don’t have to do this to me as a whole, no disrespect, P SQUARE SAMPLE MY SONG ROKOTO, N AM DISAPPOINTED IN THEM…..

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